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Ethan Hunter - Former Candidate For City Council In Seattle’s 4th District.

Why I’m Supporting Shaun Scott To Be District 4’s Next Councilman

It’s fair to say that nobody is nobody is more upset with the results of the District 4 Primary election than I am. Over the last 8.5 months I’ve been knocking on doors, talking to voters, taking part in debates and learning more about Seattle in the last 9 months than I have in the last 10 years since moving here from Northern California. I’ve gotten to know and learn about my nine opponents over the course of this campaign, and have tremendous respect for all of them. Running for office is never easy, and I commend anyone who wants to make a positive difference in their community.

With the general election matchup of Shaun Scott vs. Alex Pedersen being set, I thought I’d share why I’m throwing my support behind Shaun in his campaign to be the next councilman from Northeast Seattle. I’ve gotten to know Alex Pedersen very well over the course of this campaign and respect him very much. I’ve also heard his message and Shaun’s many times over the 10+ debates we took part in, and know where each of their priorities lie. Alex Pedersen continually touts his experience and tells voters he’ll be accountable and transparent when in city council, but in looking at some of his largest donors (Specifically the CASE Super-PAC) it’s clear Alex would be a councilman accountable to the executives at Comcast, AT&T and Puget Sound Energy, just too name a few.

Having heard Mr. Scott speak it’s clear that on every issue whether its climate justice, social equity, or housing for all, Shaun Scott is far and away the best choice for the voters of District 4. His knowledge of each and every issue, and plans on helping our poor and most vulnerable citizens make it an easy choice for me this November. Any differences I might have with Shaun Scott pale in comparison to the differences I have with Mr. Pedersen.

Scientists have warned us that if we don’t act on the climate crisis now, the effects will become irreversible over the next decade. I’ve learned so much just by running in the primary, and one of the things that stuck with me most was something that Zachary DeWolf a candidate in District 3 talked about at the 43rd District Democrats endorsement meeting. Zachary DeWolf told us that in native culture the decisions we make today have to have positive impacts for seven generations in the future. I think that is something every politician and public servant should model. The next council will be tasked with taking bold and immediate action on homelessness, affordable housing, climate change and so much more. We need to not only keep in mind what we can do to have positive effects in our communities today, but also make sure that the decisions we make and legislation we pass will have positive effects for seven generations ahead.

It was an honor to run for office in Seattle’s 4th District, but I couldn’t be more excited to get to work for Shaun Scott to help elect him MY next representative from Seattle’s 4th City Council District. I hope you’ll join me in supporting Shaun as well, the future of our city is at stake, and we need your support, our kids need your support.


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I am the Sole District 4 Candidate Endorsed by the Humane Voters of Washington.

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