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About Ethan

Ethan Hunter - Candidate For Seattle City Council District 4

Ethan with his two dogs, Castro and Jose.

Ethan Hunter is running for City Council in Seattle’s 4th district because of his passion for the issues that matter most to the citizens of Northeast Seattle. As a product of Seattle Public Schools, Ethan is uniquely in tune with the challenges facing students and teachers. Ethan is committed to working with local business leaders, community activists, religious leaders, and the other members of City Council to come up with solutions to solving the cities homeless crisis, addressing the gender and racial pay-gap, expanding public transportation in a cost effective way, and protecting our environment for generations to come. Ethan resides in the U-District, he enjoys spending time with his dogs, Castro and Jose, watching Seahawks and Mariners games, and volunteering for political campaigns. Ethan’s experience as a full-time 16 dollar per hour worker, makes him uniquely qualified to represent the working families and individuals of Northeast Seattle. 

On The Issues


Affordable Housing, Homelessness & Substance Abuse

Helping our poorest and most vulnerable is going to require leadership and cooperation from local government, businesses, churches, and private charity. We need to provide those down on their luck with an avenue towards stable housing and employment. We need to provide those battling mental illness and drug addiction with the treatment and compassion they deserve. 

I support legislation that expands our substance abuse and mental health treatment programs, as well as legislation that offers free and reduced-cost housing options for the homeless, with additional incentives for those who find and maintain employment. 

I'll be leading the effort in City Council to ensure that every first responder & police officer in Seattle, is trained and equipped with NARCAN or another form of Naloxone. Our first responders must be given the necessary tools to save opioid overdose victims from death. I'll be working in close coordination with the Seattle Fire & Police Departments to make sure they have the necessary resources to save lives. 

Supporting Public Education

I am a graduate from Seattle's public schools and know that education is critical to having a bright future. I will work to strongly support Seattle's public schools and help to retain great educators. I will also make it a priority to ensure that higher education is accessible and affordable for all.

Gender and Racial Pay Gap

It's 2019 and women and people of color are still paid less than their white, male counterparts despite having the exact same qualifications. This is completely unacceptable. As a councilman I will work tirelessly to ensure that we have pay equity for everyone working in the public or private sector. 

As a city that has led the nation with our $15 per hour minimum wage, it's time we lead the nation in addressing the pay equity gap that so deeply impacts women and people of color. 

Saying 'NO' To Corporate Welfare

Politcal and business leaders need to be working to promote the long-term interests of the people who live in Seattle. Successful companies should pay their fair share in taxes. I will also be working with companies to encourage them to play a greater role in building a strong community and getting them to invest some of their massive profits back into the city. 

Environmental Protection & Public Transportation

Improving public transportation doesn't just reduce traffic and help our commuters - it helps address the crisis of climate change and reduces pollution in our city.

The Council must work hand-in-hand with King County Metro to develop new and productive express bus routes. We need to work hand-in-hand with business leaders to encourage and incentivize carpooling and the use of public transportation. The bottom line is that getting cars off of the road is good for our commuters and good for our planet, and I support any legislation that works to improve our public transportation. 

Policing & Discrimination

It has become far too common to hear of another unarmed person of color being shot by the police. It's no wonder that tensions between the police and people of color in Seattle have been running so high or why the police are often seen as a threat. We need to look at these problems and come up with real solutions. I will work with people in the community and the police to create initiatives that lead to more community based policing. We must create healthier relationships between the police and the people they are sworn to protect. I support more comprehensive training for police to de-escalate situations and creating clear systems for public review of incidents and greater accountability.