About Ethan

Ethan Hunter - Candidate For Seattle City Council District 4

Ethan is running for office to bring a new voice to Seattle City Council. He doesn't bring years of failed political experience to the table, he brings a fresh perspective that Seattle desperately needs. 

Ethan is passionate about working to solve Seattle's homelessness crisis, making our economy work for the poor and working class, addressing the gender and racial pay-gap, making college more accessible, and developing and improving Seattle's public transit. 

Ethan currently lives in the University District. He enjoys spending time with his dogs, Castro & Jose, cheering on Seattle sports teams and trying the best food our city has to offer. 

On The Issues


Affordable Housing & Homelessness

Helping our poorest and most vulnerable is going to require leadership and cooperation from local government, businesses, churches, and private charity. We need to provide those down on their luck with an avenue towards stable housing and employment. We need to provide those battling mental illness and drug addiction with the treatment and compassion they deserve. 

I support legislation that expands our substance abuse and mental health treatment programs, as well as legislation that offers free and reduced-cost housing options for the homeless, with additional incentives for those who find and maintain employment. 


As a product of Seattle's public school system I am uniquely in tune with the needs of students in our community. The reality is that despite being one of the nation's wealthiest cities, there are many recent graduates that can't attend school simply because they can't afford it. 

Making higher education accessible needs to be a top priority of the Council, and I will work tirelessly to ensure that each and every high school graduate can attend one of the Seattle Community Colleges for up to two years free. 

Gender and Racial Pay Gap

It's 2019 and women and people of color are still paid less than their white, male counterparts despite having the exact same qualifications. This is completely unacceptable. As a councilman I will work tirelessly to ensure that we have pay equity for everyone working in the public or private sector. 

As a city that has led the nation with our $15 per hour minimum wage, it's time we lead the nation in addressing the pay equity gap that so deeply impacts women and people of color. 

Head Tax & Amazon

It's long overdue that politicians and business leadership start prioritizing the needs of the poor and working class. Billion dollar companies don't deserve handouts, and local leadership should pass legislation that motivates  companies like Amazon to put money back into the communities where they live and thrive. 

Environmental Protection & Public Transportation

Improving public transportation doesn't just reduce traffic and help our commuters - it helps address the crisis of climate change and reduces pollution in our city.

The Council must work hand-in-hand with King County Metro to develop new and productive express bus routes. We need to work hand-in-hand with business leaders to encourage and incentivize carpooling and the use of public transportation. The bottom line is that getting cars off of the road is good for our commuters and good for our planet, and I support any legislation that works to improve our public transportation. 

Policing & Discrimination

At a time when the killing of unarmed people of color at the hands of police seems like a daily occurrence, it doesn't take much guess work to figure out why tensions between police and people of color are so high. We need to listen to the activists and community leaders who have been fighting against these injustices years and start coming up with solutions.

The Council needs to work with the Seattle Police Department and local activists to craft legislation that leads to more community-based police officers, teaches our officers to deescalate instead of pull the trigger, and hold police accountable when they fail to live up to the standards that are expected of them when they put on a uniform.