Community Endorsements

I am the sole District 4 Candidate Endorsed by the Humane Voters of Washington.

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Tony G (Local 46 IBEW Union Member)

"Ethan's commitment to supporting local labor unions made it a no brainer for me to support him. I'm confident in his ability to deliver real and effective results when in city hall. District 4 will have a strong champion of hardworking individuals when Ethan is elected."

Ashley Kelly (General Manager Joey Kitchen Los Angeles)

"Having worked in upper management in Seattle's restaurant industry for a number of years I believe Ethan is the best candidate to help maintain Seattle's economic growth, and lead Seattle into the future."

Luis Bibiano-Balbuena (Sous Chef - Local Public Eatery)

"I've known and worked with Ethan for almost two years. Not many people have as strong a work ethic as him, and I know he'll bring that same passion & energy to city hall."

Adam Wise (Former Sous Chef - Local Public Eatery)

"Ethan's passion for politics and public policy is second to none. I know he'll work hard everyday to make sure we protect Seattle's environment, ensure equality in the workplace and grow our economy."

Dylan St.Louis (Seattle Public School Teacher)

"Seattle's education system faces a number of critical challenges that must be addressed. Having gone through Seattle's public school system, Ethan knows firsthand what needs to be fixed. I'm proud to be supporting a young and progressive candidate for city council in 2019."

Taymor Abou-Zaki (District 4 Resident)

"It's time for us to start electing a younger crop of leaders in Seattle. I'm supporting Ethan because he'll bring a fresh perspective and new voice to the council."

Spencer Ward (Wallingford Resident)

"Electing Council Members who are putting environmental protection at the forefront of their agenda, is extremely important to me. Ethan's plan to expand public transportation & reduce carbon emissions is one of many reasons why I'm voting for him in 2019."

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