Ethan Hunter - Candidate For Seattle City Council District 4

I’m often asked, why am I here?

I’m here because Seattle lacks a clear, moral voice calling attention to the issues that threaten our future. I am here because we need safe schools where we teach reading and writing not duck and cover. I am here because suicide rates among 15-24 year olds are at their highest level since 2000 and action is required. I am here to speak for our most vulnerable so they have access to services that have been stripped away. I am here to support salaries that draw exceptional civil servants. I am here to fight the landslide of unsheltered, a problem which has increased by 46% since 2017. I am here for families like mine, devastated by an opioid crisis that has spiked 70% in our area since 2018. AND, I am here for it is time to make uncomfortable decisions about things like the environment so that we can look back with pride in the 2050’s at what we did in the 2020’s!

So when those running the city and for council want the issues to be places and things instead of people, it is up to us to stand up, speak up and say THIS IS NOT RIGHT! That is why I am here. and I do this even though others may take special interest money which I will not. Even though I am young and most have more experiences. AND, even though I am the only working-class candidate running.

BUT, the battles we must tackle are generational. The battles we must tackle will not be solved easily or in a few years. But we are in the battle of our lives! And because of that, it is time for the next generation to take the helm in Seattle as is happening nationwide. I look forward to serving you on the city council."

Ethan resides in the U-District, and works as a line/prep cook at Local Public Eatery, a gastropub in South Lake Union. He enjoys spending time with his dogs, Castro and Jose, and watching Seahawks, Mariners, and NHL games. Ethan’s experience as a full-time 16 dollar per hour worker, makes him uniquely qualified to represent the working families and individuals of Northeast Seattle. 

"...and while other candidates continually tout their experience, if we've learned anything from the election of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in New York, it's that your experience is as good as that of a bartender." - Ethan Hunter at Tuesdays Candidates Forum.

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